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  1. Betz cells, discovered by and named for a nineteenth century Russian anatomist, are large pyramidal-shaped neurons found in primary motor cortex. Some Betz cells have cell .
  2. Betz cells: (betz), large pyramidal cells in the motor area of the precentral gyrus of the cerebral cortex. Synonym(s): Bevan-Lewis cells.
  3. NCI's Dictionary of Cancer Terms provides easy-to-understand definitions for words and phrases related to cancer and baicusekantempperfasttimataroner.coinfog: Betz Cells.
  4. Betz cell of the primary motor cortex (histology) Case contributed by Assoc Prof Frank Gaillard.
  5. In the remaining 24 patients with true RTD, atrophy rates in the first 3 months were strongly correlated with time from surgery for the ganglion cell layer region of interest (R = , P.
  6. Former sub-label of Australian Shock (2), that used catalog number prefixes CORX and CTX. The label is no longer in use; however, the catalog# prefixes are retained and used by Shock (2). Please only use this label page for releases that have a Cortex logo on them. Releases that have a CORX or CTX catalog# without the Cortex logo should not be Missing: Betz Cells.
  7. The cerebral cortex, or outer cell layer of the brain, is divided into a mosaic of discrete areas with different functions: specific regions control vision, sensory and motor function, hearing, and language. We review how the cortex is organized, and describe the major .
  8. Permanent motor deficits (clinically unchanged on 3- and 6-month follow up) occurred in 19/ cases (%) of this study. Two cases (2/, %) with uneventful MCS were caused by territorial infarction, in the other 17 cases (17/, %) abnormal MCS was to be noticed during the phase of lesion resection.

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