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  1. At last but not least our services are exclusively traditional. Au dernier mais non le moindre de nos services sont exclusivement traditionnels. My sixth point, last but not least, is concern for the consumer. Enfin, le sixième point, et certainement pas le moindre, est la prise en compte du consommateur.
  2. last but not least. A phrase used to emphasize that someone or something is still significant, despite being mentioned last in a list of people or things. And last but not least, our stalwart IT staff—this issue never would have been published without them! See also: but, last, least, not.
  3. Last but not least Last but not least Everyone I love the most Is gonna see the best of me I put it all together When I found the missing piece You were the last You were the last But you're not least Submit Corrections. Thanks to Joel Hamlet for adding these lyrics.
  4. Translation of "last but not least" in Polish. last but not least na koniec. ostatni, ale nie najmniej. ostatni, ale nie najgorszy. ostatni, ale nie mniej. I co nie mniej ważne. koniec, co nie mniej ważne. ostatnia, lecz nie mniej ważna. Wreszcie, co nie najmniej ważne.
  5. Last but not least, corruption, however, is a significant variable and causes delays. Cambridge English Corpus 에서 Last but not least, they all count among the most-advanced countries in the region. Cambridge English Corpus 에서.
  6. Last But Not Least Meaning Definition: The last item on a list but not necessarily the least important item on the list. Items on a list are often listed in order of importance, meaning that people often believe that the last item is the least important. This expression emphasizes that this is not the case.
  7. Synonyms for last but not least include finally yet importantly, just as importantly, not least of all, finally, lastly, ultimately, last, in closing, to conclude and in conclusion. Find .
  8. 有一次,課堂上在討論這個“Last but not least”的問題時,有一名坐前排的學生,臉上突然顯出恍然大悟的表情,說:「啊! 現在我終於了解了。 有一次跟外國朋友用“Last but not least”這個片語時,對方顯露出一種奇怪的表情,當時很快就忘了這件事,可是現在.

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