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  1. The cup felt different at first but she quickly got used to it and likes the headphone. At least one buyer complained about the pouch instead of the old hard-case. My experience with the hard-case that came with my PX is that it's too tight to fit in the hard-case even after I carefully wrap the wire around the neatly folded phone.
  2. "The voice" just gets me every time. It seems like the move to Rounder might have brought things full circle. The dusty, creaky, well worn, "high lonesome" sound is back. The plaster cracking volume is missing but "American Central Dust" feels right. Try it with a few frosty bottles of your favorite beverage/5(64).
  3. So the option becomes placing the amplifier(s) near the speakers, requiring long interconnects, or keep all the electronics together and employing long speaker cable runs. Generally speaking, my preference is for longer interconnects and shorter speaker cables. But, like .
  4. Aug 21,  · Its really doing what it is supposed to. I cant imagine why the shop either a) didnt know or b) knew and didnt tell you that BMW sound systems are tricky. If .
  5. Sending the audio signal from a receiver to a 4-channel amplifier's inputs via RCA cables or the amp's speaker-level inputs is straight forward and simple enough, but getting the amplified signal back to the speakers—well that's another matter.. This article discusses adding an amplifier to an aftermarket stereo. For tips on connecting an amplifier to a factory stereo, read this article instead.
  6. A 14 gauge, 2-conductor wire would be labeled as 14/2. Always label wires. It's best to label them far enough up the jacket so as to avoid cutting off the label when you strip the wire. When running wire for whole-home speaker systems, I also recommend wiring as if you are planning to use volume controls.
  7. Apr 09,  · AVB / TSN also provides for guaranteed latency and consistent timing across the network. (PTP or Precision Time Protocol.) A good example - in a large sound system with hundreds of speakers it is necessary that the audio is delivered and presented (played) at each speaker at a precise (down to the sub-millisecond) time. IE - Time Alignment.
  8. The cable on the surrond speakers has 9 pins. Also, there is the big sound box, and how is that connected. Basically, I want to use the speakers and not the receiver/dvd/cd player as the cd tray will not open. The sound on the new Visio is awful and thought I could get better sound .
  9. Dec 08,  · Would the ground wire effect my subwoofer/amp volume? The other day my subwoofer got quiet all the sudden, not really really quiet, but noticeably, and every once in awhile it will go back to full volume for a few minutes at a time, i did some looking into it and came across a lot of talk about the ground wire.

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