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  2. In Extras, Ricky Gervais plays Andy, who's in his 40's and can only manage to get small gigs of extra roles in films despite him wanting to do more. Andy's (absolutely un-motivating) agent is played by Gervais' co-writer Stephen Merchant. Ricky is often on sets with a fellow extra/good mate Maggie, who is a little 'slow' and ends up saying.
  3. Synonyms for extras at baicusekantempperfasttimataroner.coinfo with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Find descriptive alternatives for extras.
  4. extra-(word root) outside, external Examples of words with the root extra-: extracurricular ex·tra (ĕk′strə) adj. 1. More than or beyond what is usual, normal, expected, or necessary: earned extra money by freelancing. See Synonyms at superfluous. 2. Subject to an additional charge: Coffee does not come with dinner but is extra. n. 1. Something.
  5. Defining Extras An extra in Fate is a pretty broad term. It is used to describe anything that’s technically part of a character or controlled by a character, but gets special treatment in the rules. If your Fate game were a movie, this is where the special effects budget would go. Some examples of extras include.

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