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  1. SLAVE Vinyl Records and CDs An enormous Funk band, both in terms of success, and actual size (that's yes members) Slave gave the people what they wanted: tight, thick, deep basslines and three-minute songs that, when played live, turned into all-night parties.
  2. Call for Nemesis by Бут, released 01 July 1. Artificial Enemy 2. Backside 3. Deadlock 4. Firestorm 5. Insidious 6. Let Me Bleed 7. Mediattack 8. God vs God 9. Politricks Slave Stupidity Breed Freedom Under Fire Injustice Release the Swarm Buried Alive Conspiration Silent Kill Another Grey Day N. D.
  3. Slave was an American Ohio-based funk band popular in the late s and early s. Trumpeter and multi-instrumentalist Steve Washington, born in New Jersey, attended East Orange High School, and was one of the first users of the "electric trumpet". He and Trombonist Floyd Miller formed the group in Dayton, Ohio in
  4. БУТ grind-grind / south bohemia Facebook. Twitter „ new split cd "Understrike"!!!“ GOD VS GOD((Call For Nemesis ) 2 × POLITRICKS SLAVE (Call For Nemesis .
  5. The debut album from the Ohio-based funk aggregate Slave was a grand success, but resulted in the release of only one single, "Slide." Being the only single released from the album, "Slide" had no problem gaining airplay with its gothic introduction, animated vocals, and rumbling bassline.
  6. Slave performed edgy funk grooves that rival (or even overwhelm) what is considered 'hard' street music today. By the time the Cotillion/Atlantic album "Stone Jam", originally release in September , came out, Steve Washington had departed the group to form another band, Aurra.
  7. The final two songs are the only ballads on the album and they are fantastic. Slave I think are a little like Parliament/Funkadelic although less quirky. The album isn't without it's flaws though, in my opinion son of slide is a little pointless and feels a little lazy, like a B-side thrown in to bulk up th album.
  8. GOD VS GOD((Call For Nemesis ) 2 × POLITRICKS SLAVE (Call For Nemesis ) 2 × BODY COUNT (split s RESPITE ) 1 ×.

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