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  2. Known to produce under a number of pseudonyms including Phaser, 16B, Pre 4, OTC, Changing Shape, Sixteen Souls, £ Million Dollar Man and Omid 16B, Omid started a new wave of influential releases as 16B which saw his early breakthroughs; the underground hit ‘Trail of Dreams’ on StrongHouse, the critically acclaimed ‘Secrets’ on Alola and his debut album ‘Sounds From Another Room.
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  5. Feb 25,  · May 8, 16B's SOUNDS FROM ANOTHER ROOM hits the right spot immediately with the warm chords and driving bass of "New Start." "Change" follows in its mellow footsteps, but "Sounds" picks up the pace a bit. But it's the irrepressible bass of "It Doesn't Have To End /5().
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  7. It's not in the room at the moment I should have wrote it in but essentially it is a steel drum. Yeah, I've had my hand for about three years now, self taught everybody is but it just has such a beautiful soothing effortless sound about it. And I enjoy the sounds of the hand on its own just to give the the journey of this album some breathing room.
  8. Oct 14,  · While Sounds From Another Room is considered the favorite by most fans, I strongly prefer this release, because there are so many more mix-worthy tracks and the production is noticeably improved. Keep On Changing Shape and De-Org Song are fantastic examples of deep house and a great one-two punch when listening to the album start to finish.
  9. Lesson 1: If the album is available on CD anywhere in the world, go ahead and buy it. This is NOT a cheap and simple way to make CD's to avoid having to buy them. On the other hand, in some instances the vinyl albums sound better than the CD's. (For example, my vinyl copy of The Edgar Winter Group's Shock Treatment sounds much better than the.

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