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  2. Southern gentlemen learn at an early age what it means to have a loyal companion. He knows what it's like to see a loving face when he walks through the door, how it feels to know someone is there beside him during the bad times, and the pain that's left when it's time for them to go.
  3. Southern Lord Southern Lord Showcase October 29th, Melkweg, Amsterdam (Big Poster) Search for: Black Vinyl LP High Command - Beyond The Wall Of Desolation. CD, Black Vinyl, White Vinyl If you continue to use this website without changing your cookie settings or you click "Accept" below then you are consenting to this.
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  5. Southern Man guitar tab, as performed by Neil Young. Official, artist-approved notation—the most accurate guitar tab on the web. Need help reading standard notation or guitar tab? See our notation legend. The Most Accurate Tab. Professionally transcribed and edited guitar tab from Hal Leonard—the most trusted name in tab.
  6. Southern Man Written by Neil Young After The Goldrush, © Neil Young & Crazy Horse with Greg Reeves, Steve Stills, and Nils Lofgren. Neil Young's classic song is a strong rebuke of Southern racism and the harrowing legacy of lynching and slavery.
  7. Nov 07,  · Chorus 2: Dm F Bb Gm Southern man better keep your head, don't forget what your good book said Dm F Bb Gm Southern change gonna come at last, now your crosses are burning fast, southern man Verse 2: Dm Bb Gm Lily Belle your hair is golden brown, Dm Bb Gm I've seen your black man comin' round Dm Bb Gm Swear by God, I'm gonna cut him down!
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