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  1. With the weekends now free and the dance floors on ice for a little while, this site will be used to share the chats we’ve had with some of the legendary and future legendary singers, guitarists, drummers, DJ’s, entrepreneurs and absolute characters of our Disco Freak world. Plus any other juicy bits that tickles our .
  2. Obsession For The Disco Freaks David Carretta, Rory Phillips, HeavyFeet, Andy Blake, Alexander Robotnick.
  3. OK, it wasn't "officially" called Disco-House until in the mid 90's - but the idea and music was the same all the time and Disco-House is really the closest you can get to real classic Disco. It's hard to say if the Disco-House scene came out of the new remixes of classic Disco tracks that hit us in the late 80's or if it came out of sampling.
  4. the units (rory phillips remix) Unknown unnamed band unnamed "guest item" Unrest untitled b-side #2 Up Tight Up-Tight upfront Uptight urban sax/pierre henry urbantech Urinals urusla US Girls The Users the usual suspects Utah Saints uter v sor x v/vm with loin el glitchie The Vacants valerie krystal valviola valviola & electronicat valviola.
  5. Description. DISCO  features 16 of the most popular oldies of all time.  Lyrics appear on screen with the use of a CD+G karaoke machine. Lyric booklets are also included.  Not the original artists.. 1. I Will Survive – made popular by – Gloria Gaynor 2. YMCA – made popular by – The Village People 3. Take Your Time (Do It Right) – made popular by – S.O.S. Band.
  6. "Car Obsession" is a suitably moody 80s synth haunter, "Christine", from the film of the same name, is perky, accelerated Italo disco, "The Fog" is theatrical analogue synth creepiness and "Napoleon" wraps it all up in fluffy electronic cotton wool.
  7. We are the Funk, Soul and Disco lovers with a taste for a Stealth Pop Sly Banger. Listen to us live every Wednesday pm BST on Hoxton Radio (London) & The Face Radio (Brooklyn) + the 4th Friday of each month on Totally Wired Radio.

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