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  1. I bought this collection for one cut,"Woo Hoo" as it was a dance floor hit back in the 77 Rockabilly revival. Apart from the hits by Buddy Knox and the tracks by Ronnie Hawkins there aren't any wee gems tucked away between the mediocre cuts/5(33).
  2. woo hoo. exclamation. /ˌwuː ˈhuː/. /ˌwuː ˈhuː/. (informal) jump to other results. used when you are glad because something happens that you enjoy. Woo hoo! The weekend is here.
  3. Jul 19,  · Woo Hoo, Fed Ex Is Here! (It’s and we are still here!) By Dr. Dinar I'll never forget that day. The day my very first 'batch' arrived. And luckily for me, it arrived just in the nick of time.
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  5. Woo-Hoo. "Woo Hoo" is a rockabilly song, credited to Virginia bar owner George Donald McGraw and originally released by The Rock-A-Teens in It is also the title track of The Rock-A-Teens album featuring the songs: Woo-hoo; Doggone It Baby; I'm Not Afraid; That's My Mama; Dance To The Bop; Story Of A Woman; Twangy; Janis Will Rock; Pagan; Lotta Boppin'; Oh My Nerves; I Was Born .
  6. Woohoo is an exclamation of excitement or joy. Woohoo is typically used alone as an interjection preceding or following a sentence that explains what the excitement is about. It is also seen as woo-hoo, woo hoo, and whoo-hoo.
  7. Oct 25,  · Early in the album came out as Roulette SR with the title track "Woo Hoo" along with Doggone It Baby, I'm Not Afraid, That's My Mama, Dance To The Bop, Story Of A Woman, Twangy, Janis Will Rock (paying homage to Virginia native Janis Martin), Pagan, Lotta Boppin', Oh My Nerves, I Was Born To Rock/5(6).
  8. Woo Hoo "Woo Hoo" has been added to your show! Build a Show Proceed to Checkout. Play Video “Woop it up” with this great small item! Green tail to big green and purple bursts with gold glitter alternating with purple tail to big yellow and blue bursts with white glitter. $ PRICE OPTIONS.
  9. During their brief four-year existence, the Richmond, VA, teen combo the Rock-A-Teens released a mere 13 tracks, one of which was the Top 20 single "Woo-Hoo," best remembered for its near wordless vocal refrain. Ten of those 13 tunes appear on this CD compilation, and one has to wonder why Collectables didn't just bite the bullet and license the other three songs while they were at it 7/

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