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  1. Domestic violence is a factor in up to one-quarter of female suicide attempts. Female victims of domestic violence have eight times the risk for suicide compared with the general population. Fifty percent of battered women who attempt suicide undertake subsequent attempts. Married females experience lower suicide rates compared with single females; however, if domestic violence .
  2. A user-friendly application provides number of deaths and age-standardized death rates by country, year, cause (including suicide), sex and age from onwards. WHO Mortality Database Online Tool ; Instructions for users on how to extract suicide statistics by country pdf, kb; Country profiles.
  3. Female death rates peaked at about 25/, women at ages 15–29 years, and then fell in older women. At ages 15–29 years, suicide was the second leading cause of death in both genders, and accounted for nearly as many deaths as transport accidents in men and nearly as many as maternal deaths in women.
  4. In many cultures, diagnosing suicide cases remains extremely difficult due to social stigmas. Independent studies often produce suicide numbers that are greatly at odds with official government statistics. The World Health Organization, however, estimates that suicide is the 10th leading cause of death worldwide.
  5. Sep 08,  · The death toll from suicide – at almost one million people per year – accounts for half of all violent deaths worldwide, says the WHO. “Estimates suggest fatalities could rise to million.
  6. Dec 08,  · Results. Table 1 (Panel A) presents geographic comparisons of mortality rates for external causes of death for the US population age 40 and older by race and sex. White residents of the 12 SCCS states had significantly higher rates for all external causes of death, including accident, homicide, and suicide, than did white residents of the remaining 38 U.S. states.
  7. National Violent Death Reporting System. Of the homicide- suicide cases, most perpetrators were men (91 percent) and most used a gun (88 percent). A city study that Campbell conducted of these cases found that intimate- partner violence had previously occurred in 70 percent of them. Interestingly, only 25 percent of.
  8. Jan 27,  · Suicide is the eighth leading cause of death among Americans (1). In , suicide accounted for 30, deaths and for , years of potential life lost before age In the United States, a coroner or medical examiner usually determines whether a death is a suicide and records that decision on the death certificate.

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