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  1. 1. Connect the setup/repair disk with your Lenovo laptop. 2. Set your Lenovo laptop to boot from the setup/repair disk. If your Lenovo laptop can't boot from the removable device automatically, you may need to press the F2 (or F1) key to get into UEFI (BIOS) settings to change the boot order to set your laptop to boot from the USB/CD device.. 3.
  2. Anticipated Future Releases. These albums do not yet have a firm release date, but are in various stages of development. If an artist appears multiple times, that means multiple albums by .
  3. A master reset of SYNC erases all stored data—such as call history, text message information, and previously paired phones—and restores SYNC to factory settings.
  4. Mar 16,  · Starting from rest, a 12 cm diameter compact disk takes s to reach its operating angular velocity of rpm. Assume that the angular acceleration is constant. The disk's moment of inertia is kg·m2. (a) How much torque is applied to the disk? N·m (b) How many revolutions does it make before reaching full speed?
  5. Performing a factory reset on your MacBook or Mac can solve many macOS problems, and is essential if you're selling. Here's how to reset a Mac, whether it's an iMac, Mac mini or MacBook. This.
  6. Web Services Manager in Oracle Fusion Middleware 12c (). New and Changed Features for 12c () Release 12c () supports new Rest API to import, export, or revoke a federation metadata document. These updates are summarized in the following table: Features in Oracle Web Services Manager Feature Description New.

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